Barney The Cockatoo Amazingly Takes A Sower All On His Own

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsDo you consider cockatoos to be good pets? Then this cockatoo will leave you totally surprised! It is proven that cockatoos have quite good intelligence, since they can memorize many things and even follow the instructions of their owners, cockatoos can even become the best friend of many people. This cockatoo loves to bathe, since it is capable of bathing alone without any problem, obviously, this cockatoo loves water so much that it bathes very often and does not need the help of its owners to bathe. This cockatoo called Barney is really cunning and knows how to enjoy life to the fullest. Berney is a beautiful cockatoo!

When choosing a company of cockatoos, more important than the species, is to find a specimen that is very young, preferably one that has just left the nest. An even better option is that which has been raised by hand, because these types of birds do not fear people and are the most appropriate for domestication and training. However, this does not prevent some old samples from adapting well and being tame if they are treated in an affable manner and with love.

In some of the countries where cockatoos live in the wild, chicks are caught when they are not yet fully developed and raised by hand before being exported to pet establishments around the world. Even when they are relatively expensive, hand-raised specimens are undoubtedly the best bet for those looking for a cockatoo that ideally becomes a beautiful, fun, meek and communicative bird. Given the fact that cockatoos live for a long time, it is much more satisfying to wait until one of known age is available instead of deciding which one will look and no matter how strong the temptation is at that time.

After acquiring a young cockatoo, you should let it silently adapt to your new environment. Whenever possible, the food offered should be similar to what was provided in your previous home. It is important, in these early stages, to disturb the bird as little as possible. Do not scare him with sudden movements, do not allow children to approach and yell at you, keep other pets away from him and do not invite all our friends and neighbors to admire him until he is completely accustomed to his new location. Be careful to eat properly, as sometimes difficulties can arise in the case of specimens that have been raised by hand and have not been fully emancipated. In such cases, it may be necessary to continue climbing by hand for some time.

There are no rigid techniques for the domestication of a cockatoo unless the process is done with patience, love and affability. Abrupt tactics will only make a bird more nervous. First, the acceptance of small snacks in the form of fruit or nuts should be encouraged by introducing them through the cage bars. It is possible that the young bird rejects them at first, but with patience it will soon begin to catch them. The next step is to offer snacks inside the cage. It is very important that we do not leave the cockatoos locked in a cage, these birds are really intelligent and can recognize their home and never leave it. It's time to bathe!

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