Caring Pit Bull Adorably Cuddles With Baby

Published November 20, 2019

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHave you ever thought that dogs and babies can get along pretty well? Then you are right! Most dogs like babies and children, since, at an early age, children tend to play very often, so it is very good for dogs, since they can play all day with them . In addition to the fun, it is proven that dogs can also care for and protect babies and children, since the protective instinct of most dogs is quite good. This video shows that Pit Bull dogs are not bad, since they can become very funny and affectionate dogs, it all depends on the education given by their owners, since this Pit Bull dog hugs and plays with this baby. This is really adorable!

The dog is said to be man's best friend, and the truth is that a well-educated and loved dog creates a very strong emotional bond with all family members, including children and even babies. Some dogs take this link to the point of developing a protective instinct towards their family, which drives them not only to take care of it at all times, but even to adopt aggressive attitudes towards those they consider a possible threat. If you want to know why dogs care for babies, read this article.

Although the dog has been with man for centuries, the truth is that he has not been able to completely strip him of his wild instinct. It still retains the behavior of its species, especially with respect to the survival and care of the pack. In a family where there are small children and babies, the dog will feel the need to protect them from unknown people trying to get close, as well as other dogs. This, of course, if the dog has been allowed to interact with the children and consider them part of the family. All dogs can manifest this protective instinct towards children and babies, although it is generally stronger even in breeds that have long been trained for defense, such as the German shepherd, the rottweiler or the doberman.

Some researchers claim that the dog recognizes the human family as its flock, while others claim that, instead of perceiving humans as their companions, they identify them as the social group to which they belong. From this social group, the dog receives affection, food and care, so that in case of any possible threat he feels the need to protect his members, both to return all the good received and to ensure his own survival.

This protection is usually extreme when it comes to the smallest members of the family, such as children and babies. Apparently, the dog can perceive them as the most harmless and dependent beings in the group, so they need the help of others (including the dog itself) to be well. Also, remember that dogs can perceive hormonal changes in humans, so you'll notice if a person looking for damage is nervous or anxious, for example.

Therefore, it is not uncommon that when you take your baby to the park with your dog, he stays alert to what happens, adopting a protective attitude if someone passes near the child. This can happen even in your own home, when there are visits from people that the animal does not know. There are multiple cases of people, large or small, who have been rescued from dangerous situations by their dogs. Dogs are baby's best friends!