Fearless Crow Decides To Bully Rottweiler

Published November 19, 2019

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsFrom literature to film, crows have always been animals associated with dark and shadowy elements, and sometimes even related to death. This atmosphere of mystery surrounding these birds has made people more afraid than curious to discover more about these wonderful animals. But just watch this fun video to see how friendly crows can be to other species and even people. Nothing could be further from those ugly movie myths, which make us think they have an evil symbolism, when in fact they are as charming as most birds. You have to see them!Don't let their size fool you, because this brave raven pecks the tail of a Rottweiler without any fear. Amazing! We don't know what made him act, the raven seems to be taking some kind of revenge on the canine, or just wants to annoy him. Hilarious!

Perhaps Native Americans were not entirely wrong about the playful nature of crows. These birds have already been seen using the mountains of Alaska and Canada as big slides. In addition, it is common for crows to act as "fools" against other species such as wolves, otters, and dogs.Crows also play, a rather rare behavior among animals, using branches, golf balls or stones to play alone or in a group. But the most curious thing is that these birds make fun of other animals simply because they find it fun.

Some say that the intelligence of these birds is comparable to that of chimpanzees and dolphins. In nature, crows have already proven capable of throwing stones at people to prevent them from reaching their nests, and there has also been a behavior where they pretend to be dead next to the corpse in order to scare away other crows and to make sure they will be the only ones to taste the banquet.One study, which analyzed the behavior of a group of crows, assures that these birds can recognize when someone has deceived them in an exchange or social interaction and hold a grudge against them. This research could help to understand a little more about the evolution of intelligence.

The study was conducted by a group of researchers from Lund University (Sweden) and the University of Vienna (Austria), and was published in the scientific journal Animal Behaviour. Jorg Massen, an expert in cognitive biology, was one of those responsible for the finding.The experiment consisted of exchanging a piece of bread crust for a piece of cheese. Two researchers positioned themselves on each side of the cage, one of them gave the crow the bread and the bird took it to the other, who exchanged it for the cheese. This was, for the crow, a fair and satisfactory exchange.

The second phase of the experiment consisted in changing the person responsible for the cheese to someone else. Once the crow brought him the bread, this researcher did not give him the cheese but ate it.Of the seven birds that participated in the experiment, six chose to exchange with the "right" person and one with the neutral. The other two birds that were part of the study were in the cage as "observers", although at no time did they influence the decision of the crows.The study estimates that the crow can remember the faces of those who have cheated on it for at least two years, although they have not yet been able to prove it.


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