Pup Whines For More Belly Rubs

Published November 18, 2019

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you think dogs are very adorable pets that deserve all the love of their owners? Then you should watch this video now! Most dogs love to be petted and played with by their owners, since that guarantees that their owners love them very much, and that allows them to feel lucky and very happy. In this case, you can see how this adorable dog gets angry when its owner stops rubbing its belly, obviously this dog loves its owner, so it gets very angry when its owner stops rubbing its belly. This dog has the right to claim the love of its owner!

From the first day that a dog arrives home, he lets us know clearly how much he needs us and how much he loves us. His love is unconditional from the first day he enters our lives and every little gesture of love we have had towards him always appears, however small. Your dog has turned coexistence into a petting game that cannot be ignored because even he himself will claim them. He will never let you out of the house kissing your partner or your children without giving him his caress.

Although it is also true that there are times when your dog is independent and no matter how much he looks for it, he will not pay attention. The great discontent of many people towards cats is that they are very independent, but sometimes dogs are too. Many times they go alone to a room or under their favorite chair or sofa and even if you call him because you want to caress him, he doesn't pay attention. And dogs love to be petted, but sometimes they need their space. So they decide when, where and who. But when they want our caresses, there will be nothing that can stop them, what we will see without stopping until they get what they want.

There are many ways to know how and when your dog wants a caress from you. And it all starts from the beginning of the day. When you wake up, well, rather, when the alarm sounds, your dog listens to it and becomes like a madman without control to jump into your bed and put your tongue in your mouth, nose and ears. His first reaction is to think a little annoying, "how disgusting!" Take it and tell him to stay still.

When you decide it is time to get up, the chase begins. Your dog follows you wherever you go as if you were asking, who told you this ended? He is not hungry, he only wants one more caress, or two or a few hundred more. But you don't have time, you must go to work. You put food on it, you take it out quickly to do your little things (don't complain, you stroked it again in the elevator) and after looking at the mirror for the last time, you go to the door. You go out and close it behind you when ... no, you can't leave without giving it your last caress. You hear him cry, that makes you feel like a bad person. Dogs deserve all the love in the world!


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