Dog Has An Adorable Delayed Reaction

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThe reaction of dogs to the arrival of their owners is varied: some do not stop circling around them, others try to reach them by putting on two legs, others turn on the ground ... The curious thing is that while this reaction can be repeated daily when the owner returns from work, seems to intensify when his absence has been longer.No one knows for sure how a dog can react when its owner leaves the house for a long period of time. Some people fear that their pet won't recognize them on the way back.That's what this young woman felt for a moment, returning from her 8-month military training (known in the United States as Advanced Individual Training).

Fresh off the plane that brought her back home - and still in her uniform - the first thing she wanted to do was to reunite with her loved ones, including her dog Murphy.The video was viralized in the social network by the dog's particular delayed reaction. Her owner was disconcerted when she saw that her dog did not recognize her. Take off your hat", her father tells her, in the video that was viralized. That's when Murphy comes up and sniffs her. And then, madness breaks loose.

"I love my dog more than life itself," wrote the young woman on the social network Reddit. And about the exciting moment she decided to share, she explained, "I shared the video to spread some of the joy and love we have for each other.Despite the dog's curious behavior, the young woman's father brings him to her to pet him, and the dog's behavior changes radically. As can be seen in the YouTube viral recording, the animal stops barking and huddles on the girl, letting itself be caressed, and then starts jumping on it.

It didn't take long for the images to become viral thanks to the hundreds of shared images. They also quickly became a trend in countries such as Spain, the United States and Mexico.The bond between a dog and its master is something special. Many studies have pointed to the physical and psychological benefits of having a pet, and there are many stories of reunions like this that prove the affection of pets towards their owners.

You don't have to fear that your dog will forget you. This can only happen for two reasons: that your dog is less than six months old, since the new emotions will have erased what he already knew about you; or that he is very old and has developed what is known as "canine cognitive dysfunction", a disease similar to Alzheimer's suffered by many old dogs and affects their memory. Otherwise, when you return, he will receive you as you deserve. For him, you were still part of the family.