Security Footage Captures Beautiful Meteor Shower

Published November 13, 2019

Rumble / Natural PhenomenaCurious to know about meteors? Probably yes, since many people tend to be interested in everything related to the universe around us. Often people often have security cameras in their homes, this makes many impressive facts are filmed very frequently, which is usually quite useful to understand some events that occur around us. In this case, you can see how the security cameras have managed to record the exact moment when a meteor shower occurs, which is quite surprising and beautiful. Meteor showers are very interesting events!

Meteor showers are popularly known as shooting stars, and star rains occur when traces of dust particles and rocks that leave comets in their orbit enter Earth's atmosphere and volatilize producing a light effect: meteorites In any night you can see several shooting stars, one, two or three at the hour, but, when you talk about star rain, it is when you go from a shooting star per hour to at least one shooting star per minute.

These phenomena can be anticipated beforehand, since each year the Earth on its way around the Sun crosses the trajectory of several comets, in this case the Swift-Tuttle. Every year, around this time, our planet crosses the orbit of this comet, which is full of small particles, such as grains of sand or less. When one of these particles enters Earth's atmosphere, friction heats it to vaporize at high altitude. For a few seconds, the particle shines as if it were a star, and that is why this phenomenon receives the popular name of a shooting star: therefore, it is not a star but a particle of incandescent dust.

Artificial satellites have revolutionized our world in almost every aspect it can consider. Weather satellites allow us to follow the development of hurricanes and warn in advance when they represent a danger, which saves thousands of lives. Communications satellites offer us instant access to information from all over the world through radio, television and telephones. A fleet of satellites studies the Sun so that we understand it better, which is important because larger solar eruptions can damage artificial satellites and cause problems even on the Earth's surface, such as the 1989 Quebec blackout or failures in the communications

Exploring the other planets of the Solar System helps us better understand ours and see how our own actions affect it. One day, our own existence as a species could depend on being able to detect and move an asteroid into an orbit that does not represent a danger of impact against the Earth. From the point of view of technology, computers, communications and many other fields have benefited greatly from the developments created for space research. Some estimates say that for every dollar that was invested in the Apollo program, a return of more than 20 was obtained. But, above all, we are curious and want to learn, explore, challenge the limits of what is possible and see what is beyond ... And the Universe is huge, beautiful, mysterious and, above all, understandable. Even if the other reasons did not exist, this should be enough to encourage us to continue our exploration. Never stop learning!


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