Dancing Parrot Shows Off Moves For Camera

You'll laugh out loud when you see the talented Fabio dancing to his song "Dance" Party ". "He knows how to dance to the rhythm of this lively song and with it gives us some dance lessons that end up making us fall in love completely Hilarious! The parrots who love music so much dance with great skill, and believe it or not, they have rhythms until they scream. They get excited opening their wings as much as if they were shouting, they are most amazingly seen for how they move according to the rhythm of the music. Normally, parrots are acquired as domestic animals, constituting an excellent company for human beings. It is a very playful pet at home. Well, a study has discovered that parrots have a certain antipathy towards dance music.

According to the results published by the respective journal Science Applied Animal Behaviour, the researchers discovered that two African grey parrots had varied musical tastes, among which dance sounds did not even appear. The birds of a popular race moved their heads and bodies to the sound of rock and folk while they did nothing when they listened to the electronic dance music.

Sounds of U2, UB40 and Joan Baez were pleasantly accepted by them, in addition to the classical music of the famous Bach. In addition, pop music was tolerated at all times as long as it was accompanied by a voice in the song, that is, the voice captivated them. On the other hand, the study carried out certified that the parrots were not interested in the music of The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers. Electronic music was not to the parrots' liking; upon hearing this music, the parrots began to scream aggressively and even frightened. It was evident that the parrots rejected electronic music because of its fast pace.

But in the light of this latest research, scientists believe that this faculty may be related to another faculty that birds share with men: the imitation of sounds. But why some parrots dance and others don't is still unexplained. In fact, wild birds don't, which has led to the belief that this is a specialization of the evolution of the human brain. In defnitiva, a study that analyzes the behavior of the parrots before different types of music. Now we would like to know your experience in this sense: Have you noticed which kind of music your parrots likes the most?

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