Student wins free tuition for a year by hitting half-court shot

Published November 7, 2019

Rumble / Sports NewsDo you think all young people can make their dreams come true and become basketball stars? Then watch this video! Most students do everything possible to make their dreams come true, since they really want to become important and influential people in sports, the truth is that many times dreams come true when students try hard enough. In this case, we can see how a student wins a free one-year registration for hitting the ball from half a basketball court, this happened in the recent NCAA basketball game between Oklahoma State and ISU. It consisted of making a half-court shot, the student who did so would win the free one-year registration. How talented this student is!

Living the life of our dreams can be the greatest achievement we can achieve. Our dreams help us to generate our goals and, therefore, you must fight for your dreams and learn to define them so that our actions are always directed towards them. Difficulties will appear along the way, but if we are always clear about the final objective as a point we are going to reach, we will find ourselves focused on what we really want. When we have a dream, we generate an ideal that we would like to enjoy. In this way, we develop an extraordinary motivation to work for it. Dreams are the gasoline we need in our lives to achieve the success we seek. To see the importance of this point, perhaps we can ask ourselves the inverse question.

Children live full of dreams. In the process of growth, society and our environment set the limits and our scope of action. Therefore, we lost part of the ability we had to dream and imagine when we were children. It is necessary to recover this capacity to reach fullness. The pleasure of chasing and working to achieve a dream is not in the goal. The greatest pleasure comes along the way. The dream feeds our action and helps us savor each step as a victory.The fight for a dream is important and motivating enough to achieve it, regardless of what others think or think of us. It allows us to generate the independence we need. Living life in search of dreams will give us the strength and reason to live in search of happiness.

It is always an ideal time to start fulfilling your dreams. There is no exact age to plan life in the future, in any field you want to focus on, whether it is a professional or family success. What should be clear is that the value of a dream is that it is not a forced feeling, but a reasonable plan according to your tastes and ideals. The truth is that there is no exact formula for what is proposed to go as you wish, but according to psychologists, you can make lines in your mind or on paper, like a good exercise, arguing what you want to achieve in life. You should never give up!


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