Abandoned Dog With A Broken Leg Gets A New Life

6 years ago

This video is a tear- jerker, so be sure to have the tissues nearby when you begin watching this video! The video begins with a view of a beautiful scenic landscape of what looks to be some kind of a back road. Green and white words appear at the bottom that paint a very sad story, but don’t worry—we promise it all ends well!

This poor dog was abandoned and severely mistreated. He was lucky to be found by some kind-hearted humans who rescued him and nursed him back to health. The dog's life is completely changed; he found his happiness and lives the good life that he deserves. In the video you can watch his touching story from the moment he got rescued till today.

The words are from the point of view of a very sweet little dog that this story centers around. The words describe that the dog was abandoned in the middle of nowhere without food or water. To make matters worse, this poor dog has also a broken leg. A couple who have stopped on the side of the road calls the dog and tries to earn his trust. When the dog comes into view of the camera, he is seen severely limping, but shockingly he still had a “bounce” in his step. The dog’s leg is a horrific site and is absolutely heartbreaking. The leg hangs very loosely, giving the appearance that the bone is clearly broken all the way through. This has to be a severely painful wound for this poor animal. To think that someone would leave an animal like this abandoned and left for dead is just awful. Thank goodness that these people were here to help this poor dog!

The couple finally gets the dog to come to where they can pick him up and gets him to safety. They give the dog some food, and he is obviously famished and has not eaten well in days or possibly weeks. They put the dog in a kennel and take it immediately to a licensed veterinarian. The dog is still in pretty good spirits, which is pretty shocking considering all he has been through. The vet performs surgery to fix the broken leg, and she provides the much needed shots and overall checkup procedures.

The next scene shows the dog with his leg in a cast, and he seems to be healing well. He is being cared for by his new parents, who are the people who rescued him from the side of the road and from a certain death. This dog would definitely have died or been killed if they had not intervened. He could have died from starvation, disease, infestation, infection, nourishment, a vehicle strike, etc. The chances that this dog would have survived for more than a few more weeks on his own were almost nonexistent. However, because of the wonderful and caring people who rescued him that day, he now has a beautiful life with people who love him.

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