Dog Struggles To Keep Eyes Open But Still Holds On To Favorite Ball

Published November 6, 2019

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you think all dogs have a favorite toy? In the case of this dog, his favorite toy is a ball! Usually, all dogs like to play, especially if they are close to their owners, but this dog really loves to play with his ball, so he doesn't let go at any time, he even refuses to sleep. This dog takes care of his ball as if he were his own son, since he refuses to fall asleep, although he already has his eyes closed by sleep, evidently this dog knows that someone could take his ball while he sleeps, so he takes care of each moment This one loves his ball!

Among all the toys, the dog's favorite is almost always the ball. Our furry friends can spend hours and hours running after her, nibbling her or putting her in your hand so you can throw her over and over again. There is nothing more fun for them! Therefore, every object that rolls on the ground or in the air seems interesting and they want to take it to their mouths. Although providing your dog moments of play is not bad (quite the opposite, since it helps them to discharge energy) it is necessary to control that he does not become obsessed with the ball, since it could cause unwanted behavior. A dog obsessed with the game or with the ball could become aggressive or develop anxiety. In these cases, it will be better to remove the toy for a season so that your character balances again.

You will know that your dog is obsessed with the ball because, among other things, it will be continuously on top of you to play with it and will not stop even at night. In addition, he will complain and cry about the throwing of the ball, even though he has already walked. Although we may feel sorry, it is better not to continue promoting this behavior that could have an impact on your physical and mental health. During that period, when the furry does not have his favorite toy, it is necessary to develop physical activity and also have mental stimulation. A good idea, especially if you spend too much time alone at home, are interactive toys. Your dog will stay entertained for hours!

It is very common for a dog to become obsessed with a toy, so it is necessary to learn in advance the basic orders of obedience. Once you can sit, sit still or return the items, you will be ready to play ball. Also, before starting the game, you should ask him to sit and wait, and only if he is correctly will he throw the ball. This way, it will make your dog stay balanced and know how to enjoy an activity that makes him happy.

It is important not to wake the dogs at that time, because when you wake up you can get confused and bite, since you are deeply asleep and you get up a little unconscious. Sleeping and resting properly, as for people, is essential for our animals. Sleep is essential to maintain physical and psychic health. Therefore, you must ensure a comfortable and comfortable space to rest. Dogs are excellent pets!


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