Clever Pomeranian "orders" his meal using a ring bell

Published November 6, 2019

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThis beautiful Pomeranian is a very exclusive dog and its owners have to attend to his call when he is hungry, since he asks for his food in a somewhat particular way. The nice dog rings the bell to warn that it's time for lunch and must fill his bowl. Very funny! No one can resist this adorable customer. As you say, I'll bring you your croquettes! This intelligent dog is very pampered by its owners, who would not pamper it? If it's a really captivating pet, enjoy it!

The Pomeranian is undoubtedly a race with a great attraction for those who want a small dog, compact and elegant with a cheerful and vital mood, a great Pomeraniapersonality and a huge energy. The intelligence and incredible energy of this breed compensate for its tiny size and, of course, the dense double layer of this race, which we can see in various colors, is the most glorious feature of the Pomeranian.It is said that the Pomeranian is a dog made to be spoiled and that both he and his owner are happier when it happens so. That said, one should be careful how one spoils one's Pomeranian.

The Pomeranian is a dog with great energy, extroverted, full of life, intelligent: a charming member for a family. It should not be forgotten that he belongs to the Spitz family and is therefore a very loyal and protective dog with its owners. However, Pomerania can be quite reserved with strangers and tends to bark at them.This is an alert and curious breed that always keeps busy, but is also brave and stubborn. The Pomeranian, which is one of the most independent breeds of the miniature group of dogs, usually has a temperament a little surly, but his affectionate mood or is very attractive. Although very small, this breed has a very loud bark and is a good watchdog.

It is necessary that the Pomeranian knows exactly who is the boss, and must be friendly and firm during their training. Otherwise, it could become too demanding if we let it get away with it.Despite his small size, he has a strong bark, which makes him an excellent guardian. Sometimes they don't know when to stop barking, so it's best to teach him to stop when he doesn't belong. For the elderly they are great companions, as they are an excessively dependent breed. They are also good for those owners who live in small spaces such as an apartment.