6-year-old can't contain tears of joy after meeting baby sister

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Rumble / Babies & KidsDo you think children could get very excited to hear the news that they will have a new brother? All children have a different attitude to this type of news, some could take it well and others not, but in the end everyone is excited to know that they will have a brother who will accompany them in all their adventures. In this case, you can see how a girl is very excited to meet her new brother, obviously this girl cannot contain the emotion, it seems that she has been hoping to have a little brother for a long time and her dreams came true. The happiness of this girl is priceless!

The arrival of a new member in the family is an event that always drives us crazy and excites everyone to leave room for the baby that arrives. Over time, we will learn to live together and have fun as a family in our new home. It happens to us when we become a father or mother for the first time and it happens again with the arrival of each child. The time it takes for us to adapt depends largely on how we prepare in advance: if the pregnancy has been desired or has been a surprise if it comes at a personal moment of calm or stress, if the couple is going through a sweet or unstable moment , there are many variables involved in this equation. To all this, we add that during the postpartum period our body becomes a hormonal revolution and that fatigue does not allow us to think clearly.

When the new news is known and a new baby enters through the door of the house and, as if by magic, its entire known universe disintegrates. They go from being the Sun, around which the planets mom and dad revolve in an orbit of absolute prominence, to be a satellite that revolves around dad or mom, while they revolve around a new star. At first it can be a bit difficult to know the news, but that's not all. The most complicated thing is that, depending on their age, they are often not even prepared to understand what is happening. And their way of perceiving and interpreting the world around them can lead to erroneous conclusions, but, from their point of view, they are very logical.

The entire stage of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum tend to be aware of the importance of all the events we are experiencing. Life makes its way and does not allow us to disconnect from its wonderful strength. But over time, our maternity leave is over, we return to the routine and disconnect from the magic that surrounds everything in the first days and weeks. And it is there, in reality, when everything begins, when the baby grows and begins to interact more consciously and monopolize the role in a similar way to his older siblings. He no longer only cries, eats and sleeps, but begins to make monkeys and it is at this moment when many older brothers have a worse time. The first days, the first weeks and even the first months with a baby can be completely exhausting and it is inevitable that we have less time (much less time) to devote to our eldest son. The first days of starting the routine at home can be really difficult for everyone, also for the newly released brother, so the easier it is, the better.

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