Little Girl Thinks Department Store Mannequin In Her Brother

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Rumble / Babies & KidsThis is the hilarious moment a little girl goes shopping with her mother in the department store and spots a mannequin that she calls her brother. Watching this cute toddler hugging the mannequin doll with the thought that it is her sibling had us in stitches! Check it out!

Even though most of us enjoy going on a good shopping spree at a department store, we can all agree that shopping can be quite a tiring activity after a while. When all that shopping gets to you, there are so many different ways that you can refuel your energy. You can grab a snack, get yourself a coffee, or go complete crazy pants like the girl toddler this video.

Footage, filmed on January 6, 2018 in Sanford, Florida, USA shows this funny moment a little girl starts hugging the mannequin doll at the department store, claiming it is her brother. Luckily, this girl’s mother filmed her little daughter hugging a mannequin in the store, and released the video online for us to enjoy!

“We were at Old Navy and my daughter kept saying the mannequins were her brother. When I told her they had no head, the look on her face was priceless”, explains the mother. The best part of this video is when the little girl continued her pursuit browsing through the store, for the search of a mannequin that has a head. What is it with this girl and the urge to call mannequins her brother? Is it the inner desire or hidden message she tries to send to her parents and ask for a sibling, or is it the absence of her actual older brother that she is trying to replace because she is missing too much!

No additional information is given regarding the background story to this crazy outburst, but is sure made for a funny video!

Being a tot in a department store must be such fun! There are so many interesting and shiny things around you that you can look at or even touch them! You can ride in a shopping cart and maybe push it if you find a perfect opportunity to steal it from your parents! Just like a little girl in this other video! LOL! She is so adorable that you absolutely have to see it! This video starts with a scene of a moving shopping cart in the store which enters the frame before a baby girl, and it takes a moment before you realize that this tiny baby girl pushes this huge shopping cart! LOL! But what makes this video truly hilarious is when her mom comes into the scene chasing her 18-month-old tot girl and the shopping cart! LOL! This is such a classic funny video, and I just love it!

If you like to see other quirks in the department store, take a moment to appreciate this teen boy’s weird shopping habits! You are in for a treat! As the clip begins, you can see a teen boy doing a funny dance routine in front of a mirror in a department store mirror. He moves only one half of his body and it appears as a mirror image on the other side. And his dance moves are so cool! For a moment, it almost looks like he’s levitating! How cool is that? So awesome!

Mannequins are supposed to display clothes and accessories as the average person would wear them - but for people with disabilities, mannequins can make them feel inadequate. That's why Pro Infirmis, a charity organization for people with disabilities, decided to embark on an incredibly special project.

Talking about mannequins, have you heard of the mannequin challenge? Maybe that is what confused this little cutie!

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