Newlyweds leave guests in awe with this first dance medley

Published October 30, 2019 15,748 Views $35.30 earned

Rumble / Memorable WeddingsFor many people, the wedding dance is really important, as it can show how much you love your partner, so many people take on the task of creating a really good dance, all to surprise the people who attended the wedding. You have probably never seen a dance as good and creative as this, since this couple really did an excellent job, they surprised all the people in the place, even some began filming the emotional moment to share it with other people. This husbands couple deserves to be happy forever!

Dancing is a very creative activity, from leisure, fun, sports and even the complicity it can offer your partner. When we talk about dancing we do not talk about going to the disco to get four dances and then go to hold the bar, however, this, even if it is scarce, can also provide that contact with your partner, that if it were not then, do not You would do for everyday things. We talk about dancing when you spend your free time to be side by side enjoying the music and your movements.

Dancing brings so many benefits that school things should be. A possibility, optional, parallel to that of doing gymnastics or practicing some sport. The benefit of dancing is not only in the physical reward, but also in the social one. If the dance is smooth, it can be compared to a walk, if it is a long and strong dance, it can be equated with an uphill jog, as it improves heart conditions, muscle tone, circulation and mental abilities at the same time. Regulates metabolism, the immune system and burns calories, which helps control weight. Dancing is also very good for your health!

The pleasure of dancing is one of its immediate benefits. Even those who hate to exercise recognize that dancing seeks great joy, for the pleasure of listening to music and for the charm of sharing with others an activity that strengthens friendship and union. When we dance in sync with others, the feeling of exercise is diluted, lost. Dancing is an ancestral and group behavior that we have forgotten, that we have left in the hands, or better, in the feet of the professionals. No, there is nothing more universal than moving rhythmically and synchronously with a group of people or with another person. This is how dance should be: as a way of becoming friends, of sharing, of creating bonds of union with others.

Dancing is something that everyone should do, since you should always enjoy life, it is also important to understand that we should always live life to the fullest. The fact that music and dance have been preserved since ancient times, since man is man, is a good sign of his evolutionary importance, that they benefit us, and we may not yet know how much. Music and dance are collective values of cultures, and can be seen as an essential part of the mechanisms that help increase cooperative behaviors. What a great time to dance!