Golden Retriever Picks Out New Toy At Pet Store

Published October 30, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesMost dogs like toys, because with toys they can have a lot of fun when their owners are not at home, that's why dog ​​owners often give toys to their dogs, all with the goal that dogs always Have fun without any inconvenience. In this video you can see how a Golden Retriever dog chooses his new toy in the pet store, which is quite interesting, since the dog seems to be quite astute and charismatic. After thinking about it and walking through the store for a few minutes, the Golden Retriever dog chooses a monkey-shaped toy, it seems he wants a wild friend. This dog is cunning!

Each dog is unique and along with that comes a different preference of toys. One dog may like toys that produce sounds, while another may prefer balls or toys with ropes. However, some dogs have a fascination with stuffed animals. Dogs can enjoy their interaction with stuffed animals for many reasons and it is something that starts from their ancestry.

In nature, dogs seek and kill prey that they can carry with their mouths. Therefore, holding a stuffed animal in this way can fulfill your innate desire. When dogs are born, they do so in a litter and immediately seek to breastfeed their mother. By pulling a puppy away too soon from his mother, he could try to imitate the behavior by sucking and kneading a stuffed animal with his legs. When puppies meet their littermates, they can even suck each other, so doing so with a stuffed animal is completely normal behavior for some dogs and can persist until maturity.

If your pet is still a puppy, you can enjoy "chewing" stuffed animals during the teething process, as it is a relief for your gums. Some dogs develop an attachment to a stuffed animal and carry it with them for their comfort, just as a child does with his blanket. Females, in particular, can develop an attachment to a stuffed animal as they do with a puppy, and they can enjoy their "motherhood," like girls with their dolls. So, since it is not about walking spending money on things that will soon stop your pet's interest, or that invest time, dedication and affection to make their toys, which will soon be set aside, there are certain tricks to get old objects. It looks new and your hairy regains interest in them.

In addition, it is important that you do not buy or manufacture your toys indiscriminately. Try to find out what kind of items you find most attractive, to keep interest for longer. Like people, dogs have different preferences. Once you discover it, surely the type of toys you choose for him will attract his attention for longer. And, in all cases, remember that the materials of the toy in question should not be toxic to your pet. But, above all, beyond the chosen toy, what your dog wants most is that you play with him. He will never get bored of you. We did not forget it!