Vocal Huskies Protest After Learning Owner Has No Treats

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you think dogs are animals capable of organizing a protest? Obviously, this video shows that yes, since those Husky dogs can organize a protest because their owner does not have treats to give them. These two Husky dogs adore treats, for that reason they made a peaceful protest since their owner had run out of candy and needed them to start the day well. Many dogs love treats, but it seems that these two Husky dogs really take treats as a necessity to live, since between the two they organize the protest to try to make their owner give them treats again and they can remain happy. These dogs love treats!

Believe it or not, the Siberian Husky is considered the working dog of northeastern Siberia. This is due to the great strength and endurance that these noble animals usually have. Reason why this breed of dogs needs ample space and a lot of attention since they are outdoors and active. These cute dogs with eyes ranging from the purest blue to the most expressive brown, according to several people, would have some wolves, as they howl with the puppies and are very strong and proud.

In the market you will find sweets and snacks very varied: hard, soft, meat, chicken, organic, etc. For your dog, eating these little snacks is a pleasure. In general, offering treats to your dog is not bad, but quite the opposite, it is a sign of affection and sympathy. Of course, an excess of them can be a problem if we talk about a pet with obesity, for example. If you have decided to adopt a dog or are still very young and ignore it, prizes are a perfect tool to get your attention.

During the practice of basic orders, you must offer small amounts of the prize, even if it is a large dog. Later, when you practice advanced orders, you will reduce the amount of prizes, since the dog will respond more quickly to your suggestions. Anyway, the ideal is that during the learning process the dog, in addition to craving the treats, finds something else, for this it is essential that we play with him, congratulate him and create a connection beyond. The prize is us, your friend, partner and faithful friend. With the passage of time, you will see that you do not need food in abundance to carry out certain basic orders, simply your love will be enough.

Although it is not a very behavior, the truth is that howls are an important source of information about the emotional state, mood and even the health status of our dogs. After all, it is one of their ways of communicating and expressing, as far as possible, what happens to them. The howl is present in the "world of dogs" forever; In fact, it is one of the clearest features he inherited from his ancestor, the wolf. Normally, it doesn't have to mean anything negative, because most of the time, as we tell you in the gallery, it will simply be a way of calling and talking to each other. However, on other occasions it may be indicative that something is not going well: stress, some ailments, fears or lack of specific attention can cause the dog to suddenly start to howl.


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