Dog And Guinea Pig Share "Zoodles" Together

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you think dogs and hamsters can get along pretty well? Although they are completely different animals, dogs and hamsters can get along, since they are very charismatic and affectionate animals, so they are always willing to make new friends and have fun. This dog called Pippin and this hamster called Frankenstein are best friends, and they both have things in common, in this case you can see how they love to eat Zoodles. Frankenstein thinks he is a dog, so he accompanies Pippin in all his adventures, spends all day with him as if he were part of his family, while accompanying him to sleep, play, eat and much more. This dog and this hamster are best friends and they love to eat Zoodles!

The general rule is that hamsters are alone and want to stay that way forever, in all circumstances, without exception. Therefore, never place a hamster with another rodent, call it a guinea pig, rabbit or mouse, because, sooner or later, this forced coexistence will end badly for one of those involved. Of course, you can keep animals in different cages in one room, just make sure they don't have any contact when they are out of their cages. The same applies to having amphibians or reptiles and hamsters. You can have them in the same room, but you will regret if you put them facing each other.

Having a dog or cat living in the same house with a hamster is even more difficult. Cats consider hamsters their prey (food), and you can't fight that, since it's their innate behavior. Therefore, the little hamster is a continuous and irresistible temptation for the cat. Even if you think you have a meek kitten, keep it away from the hamster's cage, preferably outside the room where the cage is located. Even if the animals do not have direct contact, the presence of the cat in the surroundings is a stress factor for the rodent. The same applies to dogs, although on a smaller scale, since they do not react so violently towards hamsters. While present, you can even let the dog enter the room where the hamster's cage is located.

Although it seems a science fiction situation, dogs like humans have a hormone called oxytocin, which allows you to activate a series of brain circuits related to all kinds of pleasant sensations, including the feeling of love. Of course, love will not be felt literally by anyone who is on the street, but by those who have given it a decent treatment, so it is generally common to find cases in which canines do not love their owners, since these They are very irresponsible with them and without paying enough attention.

Undoubtedly, this is another of the main reasons why canines love humans and can also love other pets present in the house, since when they perceive us as if we were part of their family, they not only wake up in them . Dogs can feel emotions such as trust, comfort, but they also feel a love and faithfulness that often accompanies them throughout their lives.