Jack Russell Loves To Play In The Mud

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesSome dogs can do anything with the aim of having fun, for dogs there are no obstacles that stand between them and their fun, since the most important thing is to enjoy life, especially if they are close to their owners. In this video you can see how a Jack Russell dog plays in the mud while walking with its owners, obviously this dog loves to have fun, since he walking through the mud to have a lot of fun. It seems that this dog was just looking for his ball, since at the end of the video you can see how the dog held something with his mouth and then fell back into the mud. All dogs love fun!

When you have a dog, you must ensure that your basic needs are covered; for example, food, drink, dreams and walks. However, keep in mind that the game is one of the basic needs of dogs. It is an activity that will help him develop intellectually and emotionally and is especially important if the dog spends a lot of time alone inside the house. Here we explain why you should play with your dog. Dog play helps intellectual development and encourages dogs to better understand their environment, learn how things work, learn basic rules of behavior, learn to control their strength and develop skills and abilities, such as reacting appropriately to the game.

The game also helps them to socialize, whether they play with other dogs or with humans, and develop different skills with different playmates. Games with dogs stimulate brute force and hunting instinct and games with humans develop cooperation and intelligence and are more dynamic. In both cases, dogs learn to respect others, in addition to releasing energy and let off steam, which prevents the onset of stress and anxiety and makes the dog less violent. In addition, games with humans help strengthen the bond between an owner and his dog.

Dogs use their mouths as the main instrument because they know the world through the sense of taste and smell. That's why they smell everything and bite everything. You cannot prevent your dog from nibbling you while playing, but you can educate him to contain the strength of his bites and not bite out of control. To help with this education, give them teethers and teach them how to use them. Use toys that you can bite and throw away. The moments of the game are those that should be used to educate the puppy, both in biting and obeying, and demonstrating that it is the owner who is in control. To do this, when you go to give him a toy, throw it away, do not give it to his mouth, because he will interpret that he has taken it and that he has control. For the same reason, never chase him to remove a toy, you must teach him to be the one to bring it or chase you.

If you notice that you adopt a violent or temperamental attitude or that you do not want to return the toy, interrupt the game. You must learn that this is not the case and that the game ends when you say so. If you play Tug of War, you must be the one who carries the voice that sings and wins the game, or you will think that he is stronger and can with you.


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    Oh my god, the dog is very smart, the video you recorded is great, I also record the video of dogs and cats but not as you. Good luck, great!

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    Hello, please watch my video, thank you very much

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