Super Cute Kitten Has The Brightest Blue Eyes

Published October 17, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble / Cats & KittensYou'll end up in love after watching this video starring the prettiest cat. The beautiful look of this cat and the amazing color of your eyes will captivate you completely. Who wouldn't like to play with this beautiful little boy? This beautiful 1 month old is a really beautiful creature, which the camera loves for its beautiful features that invite us to appreciate the feline beauty of these charming pets. You have to see it!

Surely many people, to the question of what they prefer, if a dog or a cat, have clear the answer that inclines them more towards the feline world.Of all the existing cat breeds, there are some that are especially desirable, such as blue-eyed cats. The feline gaze is already attractive. If we add to those intense eyes a color as beautiful as blue, it is logical that cats with eyes of this color are the favorites for millions of people who love the cat world.

Most cats are born with blue eyes, as are some babies. This iris color is not always definitive and evolves over the course of weeks. Find out why kittens are born with blue eyes. Like many mammals, kittens need time to grow and evolve. During birth, cats are particularly vulnerable and fragile. Not in full possession of their senses, cats are born blind and deaf at first. They open their eyes around 10 days after coming into the world. When cats are able to open their eyes, a beautiful dark blue eye color is visible. An iris color that most mammals do not keep when they grow up.

It will take a few weeks to determine your animal's eye color. Indeed, it is the only time where the genes of eye coloring, evidently the brown color, will begin to take place giving way to the definitive color. Likewise, there is a good chance that the cat will keep that colour. In that case, it is a blockage of melanin in the iris of the cat. Some cat breeds, such as the Sacred of Burma, have genetically blue eyes. From the three months will be established the color of the eyes of the cat.

The color in the eyes of the cats evolves, it is possible to find many variants of colors. The best known are brown, yellow or green eyes. However, there are many other shades of color. It is also possible for a cat to have two eyes of different colours. This phenomenon is called "heterochromia". Some scientists explain this phenomenon by an unequal demand for genes or a different cup of melania concentration.