Puppy's first swim will melt your heart

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWe warn you that your heart is about to melt when you see these adorable images What tenderness! Seeing this Pomsky puppy touch the pool water for the first time is very exciting, he tries to swim with his paws but his owner is not sure to submerge him yet, as he has never done it before, we are sure that the little puppy will be an excellent swimmer and if he is released he will look like a fish in the water, because he moves his paws very well, isn't it? Come on friend you can!

Games and grabbing the dog by the hip to make it easier for him to paddle with his four legs are keys for a dog to learn to swim. Not all dogs are water friends. Teaching your dog to swim as a puppy can, however, help him become familiar with swimming outdoors. Remember that the dog's first contact with water should be a fun experience and that it's a good idea to choose shallow spots for the dog's first splashes. To have a floater for the dog, to resort to the games and to animate (never to force) with words of affection to the first time dog are other keys so that the animal learns to swim.

The dog needs to have its first contact with water soon. Often, a puppy is less afraid of getting wet than an adult dog that has developed a fear of bathing as a result of a negative previous experience. In any case, it is essential that the immersion of the dog breed be done slowly, patiently and gradually. The puppy's first bath is the most important, whether in a swimming pool, a river, a safe lake or at sea.

If you can reassure your puppy and turn his dip into a pleasant experience, it's easy for him to associate the swim with a positive experience as an adult. Transforming the bathing place into a play area is a good idea to inspire the dog's confidence. Having toys made of materials resistant to humidity, such as neoprene or certain rubbers, will encourage the animal to experience immersions in water as a positive experience and increase their desire to learn to swim.

A shallow plastic pool can be a good place for the dog to have its first contact with the water outdoors. Choosing a shallow lake or river for the first day of water helps the dog gain self-confidence. A first-time animal will not be accustomed to losing the contact of its legs with the surface. The edge of the beach is another good option to invite our furry friend to have his first aquatic experience. Not all dog breeds have the same ability to learn to swim. While the water dog is an excellent swimmer, and is even able to dive without too much difficulty, other dogs
, such as the Bulldog, may be less able. Remember that in no case should you force an animal to swim.


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