Ups Driver Keeps Treats In Truck For The Doggies

Published October 16, 2019 269 Plays $12.14 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you love dogs and would you do something to see them happy? Most people who have had dogs as a pet say that dogs are the most adorable animals in the world, as they can create a lasting friendship with anyone. Many people take the task of making dogs happy very seriously, so there are people who always go out to feed stray dogs on a daily basis because they care about them. In this case, a UPS driver always keeps treats in the truck to deliver the puppies he sees on the road, for a long time this driver has given treats to the dogs he sees along his route and, therefore. All dogs are excited to see this driver, even the dog in the video tried to get on the truck. This good man comes and visits him daily!

In general, offering treats to your dog is not bad, but quite the opposite, it is a sign of affection and sympathy. Of course, an excess of them can be a problem if we talk about a pet with obesity, for example. Faced with such a problem, you can try to educate your dog with physical rewards, such as petting, and also verbal rewards. If you have decided to adopt a dog or are still very young and ignore it, prizes are a perfect tool to get your attention. Treats are good for friendship!

During the practice of basic orders, you must offer small amounts of the prize, even if it is a large dog. Later, when you practice advanced orders, you will reduce the amount of prizes, since the dog will respond more quickly to your suggestions. Anyway, the ideal is that during the learning process the dog, in addition to craving the treats, finds something else, for this it is essential that we play with him, congratulate him and create a connection beyond. The prize is us, your friend, partner and faithful friend. With the passage of time, you will see that you do not need food in abundance to carry out certain basic orders, simply your love will be enough.

Sometimes, dog owners do not measure the love they feel towards their furry friends and can completely forget about humans. Many are seen as beings from another planet for speaking to their dogs as if they were human babies, but let's be honest, behind all that hair and its four legs, there is a divine being that fills us with happiness. Dogs have a very special way of teaching us those things about life that we cannot see for ourselves, nothing like venturing with someone who has a canine friend. One of the most important things that our pets can teach us is the importance of loyalty. While it is true that sometimes we can put our dogs first, it is the best example of how loyal we can be. Like our dog friends, we expect a good deal and, in return, we will also share our loyalty with others. Dogs are the best advisers and friends!