Sweet Grandma Receives Happy 100th Birthday Message From Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Published October 15, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble / Priceless MomentsTurning 100 years of age is a festival all by itself — with or without Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson wishing you a Happy birthday. In any case, a Philly grandma was as of late honored with both. Fishtown local Marie Grover (otherwise called "Grandmother Grover") is flowing the web in an extraordinarily inspiring video in which she gets a customized birthday message from Johnson, whom she's squashed on for quite a while. We're spreading it around much more since it feels like our obligation.

We were not able to get Grover on the telephone on Friday, as she's getting ready for her birthday party on Saturday as per Jamie Klingler, Grover's granddaughter's closest companion of 30 years. (We comprehend Grover is a prevalent woman — Klingler even depicted her as "the city hall leader of Fishtown.") Klingler, who's from Philly yet has lived in London since 2002, set the entire thing up. She's earned some genuine pats on the back from Grover. "At the point when we were 15 [years old] and stunt or-treating in Fox Chase, she would have on a 'Stone' sweatshirt," Klingler said. "She's adored him since 1994. She'd resemble, 'He's so attractive,' and we'd watch a motion picture and it wouldn't be generally excellent, and she'd resemble, 'It'd be greatly improved if they put 'The Rock' in it.'"

Klingler got the plan to request that Johnson send a birthday video before the end of last month. Having worked in magazines for a long time, she figured she'd seek after the most sensible road — Johnson's marketing expert, whom she said she messaged yet didn't hear over from. In the long run, a companion of a companion of hers said she knew Johnson and could get her in contact with him, provoking an energized tweet from Klingler. The tweet wound up getting everything underway since Johnson saw the message. Klingler reacted, and inevitably Johnson sent her an immediate message with a customized welcome for Grover. Grover's granddaughter recorded the now-popular video of her grandma opening the clasp.

Grover, clucking and wearing a "100 and Fabulous" band, reacts with, "Adoration you right back, you 'Shake' you." Klingler said she wasn't anticipating that Johnson should "go so far well beyond" and talk for an entire moment — or notice Philly — in the video. Grandmother Grover, then again, wasn't expecting any birthday wishes this way. "The person at the corner locally acquired her a birthday cake and stated, 'I saw 'The Rock!'," Klingler said. "Making a 100-year-old become famous online is entirely interesting for us all included."