80-Year-Old Janitor Receives Birthday Surprise From Nearly 800 Students

Published April 2, 2019 3,294 Views

Rumble / Priceless MomentsThey usually go unnoticed in the school halls, mopping the floors and cleaning the toilets. But every now and again, a janitor will leave such a big impact on the lives of everyone they meet, they are bound to have something great delivered to them when they least expect it.

Something like that happened to this kind gentleman, when he showed up for work one day. It was no ordinary day, you see. Haze Mabry turned 80 years of age that day and when he showed up for work at the Pike County Elementary, he found the hallways filled with the students of that very school. There to wish him a very happy birthday! 800 kids were holding banners and chanting “Mr. Haze! Mr. Haze!”, while some walked up to him to give him a hug! Mr. Haze was truly shocked by the surprise, having a bucket of full of birthday cards handed to him.

They are all like my children, he said. Mr. Haze is familiar with every kid from third to fifth grade. If they don’t feel very well, he sends them to the nurse, or listens to them when they have something to say about what happened during recess. He may not know all of their names, but he won’t forget their faces.

One of the teachers who organized the celebration, Mrs. Lori Gilreath, said that the dear janitor is the most beloved person in the entire building. Mrs. Gilreath also ads that, even though Mr. Haze won’t admit it himself, he would always stop whatever he is doing at the moment if it means he will be able to take care of a child in need.

Mr. Haze goes into the school every morning at 6:30 and won’t go home until 5:30 in the afternoon. He has been the janitor of Pike County Elementary for the last 13 years. He grew up picking cotton not far from his current workplace. His own three children graduated from this school. Today, he is very popular with the students of this place, given that he is a steady presence is their lives.

Mrs. Gilreath adds that Mr. Haze doesn’t expect a lot; the man just wants to work hard and love the people around him. Whenever a student needs it, he gives them his undivided love and attention, which is exactly what he received back for his 80th birthday. It is one he will definitely never forget.

Full credit: Pike Elementary PTO