Seal Pup Performs Super Adorable Trick For Spectators

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsDo you think the seals are adorable and intelligent animals? Probably yes, since the seals are one of the most intelligent aquatic animals that exist, and in this case we can see how this little seal does everything possible to obtain a delicious fresh fish. Seals are animals capable of understanding people's behavior, and that is why they turn out to be very intelligent and charismatic animals. Seals can play with people to make them laugh, since they like to do fun things like playing with the ball. This little seal could get on a boat to get fresh fish, and it turns out to be a pretty brave seal for its age. This is really amazing!

The seals find the food they need in the surrounding water, so you will only find them where there is plenty of water. Its main sources of food are fish, but they will consume almost any type of meat they can get in the water. Other types of foods they enjoy include squid, octopus and seafood. Sometimes, food sources are low, due to the fishing of large vessels in the same seal hunting waters. The seals do not take the time to chew their food, although they have sharp teeth, when they consume small types of food, they simply swallow them, if they catch something big, they will break them into pieces before swallowing them. They have powerful posterior molars that they use to easily crush their prey and that are small enough to swallow.

Seals do not drink water, they can get all the water they need from the food they eat. When they can't find enough food, their body helps them compensate for the loss, they use the fat in their bodies to produce enough water to survive. It can be dangerous if they are losing too much fat, because this fat helps them maintain body temperature.

The seals are carnivorous. They feed on crustaceans, fish and cephalopods that live on the seabed. Thanks to the layer of fat that covers your body, you can dive deeply to get your food. Penguins and small seals are also part of their menu. They catch their prey with their teeth, which are large, and often eat them whole. To hunt they use their sight, their whiskers that are very sensitive and their keen sense of hearing. They hunt very comfortably in the water, even at great depths, where there is total darkness; Outside the aquatic environment, the task is not easy for them.

The gestation period of the seals is approximately 10 months, after which only one offspring is born. The mother is very dedicated and even aggressive to defend her offspring if an intruder approaches. However, when the baby reaches an appropriate weight, it is abandoned. Seal pups feed exclusively on breast milk during the first 30 days. This milk has a very special protein and young people gain up to 25 kilos during that time. At that time they are ready to begin their independent life and are abandoned.