"Real Penguins Are VERY Confused By Fake Penguin"

Published February 5, 2018 176 Views

Rumble "Penguins look like they are always wearing tuxedos, don't they? A few of these amazing birds were pretty dazed to meet a penguin toy. What in the world were they thinking? Is it a lost youngster? No one knows for certain, but they seem very confused. Adélie penguins are actually super groovy and amusing birds. With their white bellies and black backs, they look so cute. And did we mentioned their funny walk? Try to walk like a penguin on ice and we assure you that you won't fall! In this funny video, these perky penguins don't have a clue what's wrong with the penguin in front of them. Distracted by its presence, they have a hard time figuring out why is he so static. The man who is filming them is surely having a great time. And now the challenge is on you! Try not to laugh while watching this hilarious video. Almost impossible, right?"