Husky dogs play hide-and-seek in the snow

Published October 14, 2019 4,873 Views $14.71 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesMost dogs love snow, but the Huskies specifically find in it their natural environment. That's why it's especially nice to see some puppies of this breed treading well in the snow. The little ones have a great time playing and exploring this cold white surface that brings us all back to childhood just by seeing it. Can you imagine anything better than enjoying a group of husky puppies on a hilarious snow day? Luckily, thanks to this video we can be part of the mischief of these little hairballs in the snow.

Who doesn't like snow? Dogs are no less! Dogs enjoy that white mantle that can transform the environment into a huge new field of hairy games to discover. But why do dogs love snow so much? Experts explain: the snow wakes up the explorer who carries everything inside, stimulates the hunter inside and even activates his metabolism to protect him from falling temperatures! This article contains his comments, as well as a fun video that brings together the best moments of dogs playing in the snow! Just do the test: just solar a dog in the snow and enjoy his reaction. He jumps behind his toy, runs away with emotion, makes the hairy croquette... Snow doesn't just enchant children and human adults. Dogs - and even some cats, like Jesper, who even ski - also enjoy it and are happy playing in and with it and catching the flakes that fall.

"Snow is very exciting for dogs, and the reason is probably that the flakes transform the whole environment, turning it into a different scenario, a huge new canine playground, everything to discover," says zoologist Patricia McConnell, an expert in canine behavior. Dogs are hunters in nature, and predators love changes in the environment, as they give them a better chance of surprising potential prey. On the contrary, prey animals hate these changes in their environment because they make them more vulnerable. "This explains why snow stimulates a dog's natural hunting instinct and transforms the outdoor environment into a new playground that is perfect for them," the zoologist adds.

Snow transforms everything: the visual appearance but also the smells on the outside. As a result, she has the ability to renew canine interest in her daily environment. And this stimulus triggers his exploratory instinct... and it activates the playful hairy man inside! But, in addition, the contact of the snow in his body is pleasant for the dogs. "Their legs are better prepared than our feet for low temperatures, their system of veins allows them to withstand the snow on their legs better than we do", adds Horowitz in an interview with Scientific American. Result? Better blood circulation in the leg area keeps your canine pads warmer. And not only that. Dogs are able to activate their metabolism when temperatures drop to make it work faster, stay warm and keep the cold away. "Their ability to speed up their metabolism when the temperature drops explains why they feel less uncomfortable than us in the snow," concludes zoologist John Bradshaw, of the University of Bristol (UK).

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