Huge angry guard dog scares passers-by

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesAt an exhibition of Russian specialty dogs for Russian breeds and mills, exhibitors and passers-by were on edge when one of the dogs on display at the site became somewhat aggressive with the other dogs and started barking at them like a brave dog. Dogs are adorable pets, who have earned the reputation of being considered "man's best friend". Throughout human history they have adapted their behaviour to become not only useful, but also friendly. Therefore, it is often worrying when a dog is becoming aggressive.

One of the first things you should have, when you feel that a dog is becoming aggressive, is calm. It is necessary to discover the causes, but, above all, not to worsen the situation with stress or anguish.In addition, aggressive behaviour is a recurring theme that can occur in any type of dog. This has nothing to do with a specific breed and is not related to whether it is male or female.

A dog can become aggressive due, for example, to an encephalic anomaly. An epileptic picture or some kind of hormonal imbalance can also influence their aggressiveness.The percentage of cases of aggressive behaviour in dogs is not so low; it is estimated that around 20% of the cases consulted are due to some physical ailment, and that is that the pain can also alter the pet. This is common with humans as well, only dogs have no other way to channel it because they lack the high capacity of people to reason.

Once a health problem has been ruled out with the help of your vet, it's time to move on to another level, and pay attention to the type of aggressiveness your dog has. Does he bite strangers? Or does he do it when something that interests him is taken away from him? The answer to each of these questions will require a different approach and treatment.

Do not forget that, to a minimum or greater extent, there is an intrinsic aggressiveness in every dog. Dogs and wolves have a common origin and are animals that live in groups; when this community of animals is developed, an alpha male must prevail: the leader of the herd. This is achieved by imposing oneself on the other members of the group.

The aggressiveness a dog uses to relate to its herd is part of its form of organization; the problem arises when it takes a dog home, a matter of which there is no doubt.When a dog is afraid there is no need to apply a technique that involves punishment. In this case it would be like fighting the fire with gasoline; a sensation of fear must be counteracted by generating mechanisms of confidence in the animal. Therefore, it is much better to train with games.

If you are afraid of other people, you have to create spaces of progressive conditioning for short periods of time. The dog should feel comfortable and not threatened, and the threats will make it more aggressive. When a dog reacts aggressively it is because it has had results before and because it has no other answer. For this to change you must have an alternative option to offer the dog, something that may seem attractive and fulfill our wishes rather than their aggressiveness.

It is always important that you hardly notice any symptoms of unjustified aggression in a dog, and so take precautions. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that the animal should be watched and not be around children. There are minimum precautions that can prevent accidents. It is very positive to take him to the specialist, treat him with authority and affection, put him on his leash and muzzle (the latter only when necessary), when going out into the street.


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