3 unnecessary tasks the average worker wastes 51% of their day doing

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Rumble In today's world it's very difficult to deal with the pressure of work. Anyone with a full-time job knows that an average day's work doesn't last long enough to finish all the slopes. However, your productivity can increase incredibly if you adopt habits designed to make your work more efficient. An efficient worker takes advantage of every minute of his or her time during the day, putting all his or her attention first to the most important tasks. Work efficiency will not only increase your productivity, and make you earn points with your boss, but it will also make you feel fulfilled and satisfied that you have had a productive and busy work day.

Enjoying what you do is the best therapy to perform better at work. The problem arises when the work environment is so demanding that it is difficult to meet the objectives. Did you know that we spend 35% of our working day on tasks that do not contribute anything? And that only seven of the 10 hours that these jobs require are productive? Much has been written about time management. Stopping, differentiating between 'I want' or 'I have to do', defining intentions, identifying what is urgent and knowing how to say 'no' are five actions to gain time without wasting a minute. And much more can be added.

We consult the e-mail about 20 times per hour. It is enough to add the minutes to arrive at the conclusion that we hardly take advantage of 40 minutes of each complete hour. Become aware of the problem and identify the causes of your waste of time. In some cases it is due to lack of order, or lack of planning, and not knowing how to say 'no' to commitments or not avoid distractions. One necessary piece of advice is Planning and Organizing. Lack of order and planning is primarily responsible for leaving tasks unfinished or not delivered on time. "One minute invested in organization saves up to ten in execution. Set goals and priorities before you begin.

Attack time thieves! "These may come dressed as friendly colleagues who come to invite us for a short coffee, such as a poorly planned meeting, or they may be the 200 e-mails we receive daily. Allocate a fair amount of time to each task. Urgent vs. important. Be sure to set priorities. Perform urgent and important tasks. Continue with the important, but not urgent tasks. Leave the non-important and non-urgent to the end. Learn to delegate. It means involving the team in obtaining certain results. Do not postpone those tasks that you like the least. Procrastinating means in many cases doing a thousand things to feel more at ease, and having an excuse to face the task really necessary.

Concentrate your mind. Multitasking is not valid for all activities and the latest studies show that it reduces the level of concentration, intellectual performance and is a threat to the quality of work and productivity. Control email and meetings. We consult the mail about 20 times an hour and spend more than one hour a day in conversations, or meetings, useless. Focusing on one task and finishing it before moving on to the next is the best recipe for advancing the job. Remember that time is the same for everyone, it is up to you to make the most of it. Gadgets leave home to make the most of the summer.