Boy, 6, Has Facial Seizures After 'Using Constantly Using Gadgets'

ViralPressPublished: August 4, 2018
Published: August 4, 2018

This six-year-old boy has been left with permanent facial seizures - after playing too many computer games. John Nathan Lising started suffering from uncontrollable facial ticks at his home home in Nueva Ecija, Philippines, on July 23. The lad's eyes would not stop blinking and his lips were permanently shaking. John's father, Edgar, 41, and mother Judee, 40, rushed their son to hospital where medics performed CT scans - but the results which came back showed that John had a healthy brain. More than a week later and John is still suffering with facial seizures every ''20 or 30 minutes'' despite having stopped using his smartphone and tablet.

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