Neighborhood equipped with spectacularly spooky Halloween decorations

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Rumble / Creative VisualsDo you like Halloween decorations? Probably yes, since many people like Halloween celebrations and the amazing things they can see during the holidays. In Walnut, Illinois, on Highway 92, there is an exhibition that includes several ghostly and scary figures, and throughout the place there are different horror scenes depicting some familiar characters from the world of horror movies. Obviously, the creators of these decorations feel a lot of joy for Halloween parties, since they have done a really amazing job that has managed to surprise all the people who pass through the place. If you are a Halloween and horror lover, you should probably go see these decorations, as they are really amazing. Halloween is here!

Many people love Halloween because they love being scared, the truth is that when we are afraid that the body secretes some substances, for example, adrenaline or norepinephrine, adrenaline is responsible for that fever of the moment (which by the way is somewhat addictive ). The positive thing about Halloween is that we know we can produce that fever without real consequences later, without real danger. Knowing this, we separate the response to fear without the negative responses characteristic of situations of high threat or stress. It is a fun game that activates our body and revolutionizes our transmitters.

Traditional fears (the same as our ancestors had) are still present in us, although today these dangers do not exist in the same way, Halloween manages to release those responses stored in our fear response mechanisms. For example: spiders, snakes, enclosed spaces, darkness. These fears are universal and evolutionary, they had a survival function and, therefore, remain in our species. That is why some phobias are easier to acquire or more common in our species (for example, spiders or snakes), it is believed that the imprint of our ancestors (for whom this phobia could imply the difference between life and death) has been evident in us, although many of us will never meet in person with a snake.

Regardless of our age and how old we are, we remember how we celebrated it when we were little, with the family, and this makes us want to repeat it when we grow up, to remember and commemorate those moments, especially disguising ourselves as things that we like and terrify us, The important thing is to share with the family and enjoy the good times. For children, it is an opportunity to provide them with things that cause them fear of a humorous touch, such as a game, by also associating it with candy, costumes, lights and games.

When people dress up, this allows them to embody different personalities, show parts of our being that we cannot show during day to day life, be someone different for one night, and that is fun. In addition, not being known, going unnoticed or hidden is also something that many find attractive. That curiosity to know who is under a suit or who is not recognized and can make heavy jokes or give scares in a socially acceptable way is quite attractive. Awesome!