Playful fox pounces on trampoline

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Rumble If you think you've seen it all, you'll stop thinking that when you see a fox jump on a trampoline, Wait... That's right! This fox is crazy and the cameras have captured him! The person who shot this funny video thought it was a dog that was lurking in his garden but then realized it was a fox, so she decided to call her son and her husband since a fox you don't see every day. But when they look out the window again they see the fox jumping on a trampoline this family has in their backyard. It's crazy, maybe it's the first time we've seen anything like it. As you can see we can add a new feature to the foxes, they love to jump and they wouldn't have discovered that if they didn't leave a trampoline in the yard to tempt the more playful foxes. Hilarious!

The foxes are characterized by being the smallest animals in the canine family, are blind and deaf at birth, so to protect themselves and survive, they are guarded by their mother during the first month of birth. Foxes are nocturnal creatures, this means that they are active during the night, and it is believed that they are the most adaptable animals of the world, since they adapt to any place, to any condition that has its environment and to the changes of the sources of food, a fox can run to a speed of 23 miles per hour in short times. Foxes do not communicate by barking as other canines do; on the contrary, they rely exclusively on non-verbal communication. This includes unique features in body posture, tail movement, and facial expressions. Some of their verbal communications include screams, and they sound like human screams.

Among the characteristics of foxes is their powerful sense of smell, they can even find food beneath the earth, and this is how in winter they find food sources. These animals are characterized for being diggers, they have even found buried pets of families. In cities, more than anywhere else, there are habitats for foxes. These animals develop in short times. This is why hunting is authorized in many areas. A large number of fox populations in the wild have been depleted due to different types of diseases. Foxes develop rapidly because they are very adaptable animals. Other animals die if they are exposed to the conditions to which foxes are exposed.

A large number of foxes die annually because vehicles collide with these animals during the night, because they are active at this time and also because roads have been built in their habitats. There are many connections with the fox in popular culture. These animals are linked to the major ceremonies and traditions of diverse cultures. They are also referenced in books, poems and films.