Adorable Dog Begs Owner For Her Cookie

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHave you ever seen a dog love cookies? Surely yes, since dogs have very similar tastes to those of people, since they can love sweets and food alike. The truth is that most dogs really like the texture of cookies, especially if they are sweet, since in this way they taste very interesting, but in this case we see that this adorable dog loves cookies. This is very funny and adorable!

An adorable dog and its owner have fun together in the car, so the dog owner decides to discover a package of cookies to make the moment even more fun. The dog is very excited to see the cookies, so, with his charming face, trying to convince his owner to give him cookies, he even begs several times stretching his leg to the arms of his owner. It seems that this young dog knows how exciting and delicious it is to eat a cookie, so he does his best because his owner gives him cookies. This dog deserves a cookie!

The development and growth of puppies of some breeds is completed the first year of life, therefore, this period is of vital importance and will mark their future in all aspects; The food is one of them. During certain moments of this stage, you will need up to twice as many nutrients as an adult dog. The caloric needs of puppies gradually decrease to the needs of an adult dog at a time that depends on each breed, for that reason it is always advisable to investigate a little about the breed of our dogs to ensure proper care.

The puppy's growth is very fast, so the feeding must be very specific to provide the necessary and adequate nutrition to form a strong bone structure, good muscles and enough energy to grow. Studies show that puppies' food must be rich in calories and essential nutrients, such as amino acids, which form proteins, calcium and phosphorus. When making cookies, the key is its composition, In addition, puppies of small breeds sometimes need to moisten food with a little water to facilitate ingestion. As it grows, we can decrease the amount of water or maintain it.

To know what kind of food we provide to our puppy we must look at the labels on the containers. The labels have the guaranteed analysis of the minimum levels of raw fat and the maximum levels of raw fiber and moisture. If the product does not provide balanced nutrition and completes the label, it should indicate that it should not be administered as the sole source of food or contain similar information. For example, the snacks we give to the puppy as a reward are not complete foods and also have many calories, therefore, we should not administer them as a single food. We must also ensure that food has undergone studies and controls. If we do not find the desired information on the product label, we will consult the veterinarian or contact the manufacturer.


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