Heart-warming moment dad tells daughter he's cancer free

Published October 7, 2019 2,031 Plays

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesThis is one of those gratifying moments that we all love to see, as we are completely moved to see how the family union triumphs despite life's adversities. In this video you can see the moment when this madly adoring father tells his daughter that he is fine, that he doesn't have cancer This is really touching! The little girl Maisy Dickson, has always been very attached to her father, for her he is her hero, Maisy had never spent a night away from her father Chris until one day he went to the hospital to have his bladder removed in order to improve the health problem that affected him, with the probability of being detected a malignant cancer.

The little girl hoped her absence would last two weeks while she recovered at the health center after the nine-hour operation. But Chris managed to return home after only nine days to hug his beloved daughter who was waiting eagerly for him. He kept his return a secret, so he arrived surprise at his home fully recovered so he could surprise his youngest daughter. The father figure directly influences the personal development and the strengthening of the girls' self-esteem. Maintaining an affective bond, based on love, understanding and respect between father and daughter will guarantee the quality of the relationship and its excellent evolution to a self-confident woman.

It is remarkable the dependence of girls on their mothers during the first years of life, but from the age of 3 onwards both mother and father become inspiring models. For this reason, it is important that there is unconditional love and respect in the family environment, even when the parents are separated, so that the girl will grow up knowing that during her future relationships she can be loved and respected in the same way.

Dad is the first intimate male influence in girls' lives, so spending quality time together is important to cultivate the affective bond between father and daughter; sit down to talk with her about her day, get involved in her activities and get interested in knowing her problems, her joys and her friendships. They need to feel that a man can listen to them and understand them without feeling judged, so they can learn to express their emotions in a healthy way.

Male energy also helps to integrate emotional and social structures in a balanced way to foster healthy character development and many of the girl's abilities. In this sense, dad's presence is important for going out into the outside world, rationally analyzing different situations, achieving goals, preserving individuality and empowering the adventurous spirit, strengthening self-esteem, self-confidence and communication. A quality father-daughter relationship is just as important as the motherly bond, so take advantage of opportunities to pass on all kinds of knowledge, manners, and values to your daughter. Prepare her to be independent and, above all, always remind her how valuable she is.