Snow Dog's Adorably Perfect Ski Lift Execution

Published October 5, 2019 290 Plays $12.04 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesYou'll love to have a look at this funny video where this intrepid Golden Retriever takes the fast elevator to venture into some black races with his owner. Unbelievable! They seem to enjoy a nice time together surrounded by white snow, nothing better than taking your dog out for some snow races!

Snow escapes are a delight for everyone. They are for us and they are also for our four-footed friends. Most dog breeds enjoy this element and love to run on the snow. They literally go crazy when they step on it... especially if it's not their first time.

However, it's a good idea to do some kind of preparation before we throw ourselves into the white immensity with our best friend. We refer to important aspects such as protecting the dog from the cold if it belongs to a short-haired race or be aware of the pads on their legs.

The issue of pads is transcendental. Although we are accustomed to wear them without this being a serious problem, the truth is that it is a very sensitive part of your body. When running or walking in snow they are exposed to damage and it is important to protect them.

Veterinarians sell specific pad enhancers, which must be applied in advance before going into the snow. With them it will be more difficult for them to suffer injuries because of the cold it is in the snow.

If you haven't had time to get your hands on one of these reinforcers, you can always apply Vaseline to their pads before going down to the walk and, above all, after it. Vaseline (or even the body cream we use) has a moisturizing capacity that helps prevent the formation of small wounds.

Just as in summer we should check our dog when we return from the field if he has been stuck in the pillows one of those dreaded thistles, in the snow we must also be thorough. If we find cracks we should put more Vaseline to our dog two or three times a day until everything returns to normal. Another issue to pay attention to is that of snow intake. Your dog will feel hymned by the snow... Suddenly the ground can be eaten!! so it will act as it always does, without measure.

He can play in the snow without problems, but you must be careful not to eat the snow, which could cause discomfort in the stoma and even indigestion or vomiting. Also, keep an eye on the sun. Just as you burn with the reflection of snow, he can also do it ... mainly in the muzzle.