Miami Beach Police Officer Pranks Partner With Fake Snake

Published September 17, 2019 1,503 Plays

Rumble / PranksThere is nothing funnier than pranking someone who is scared of spiders, snakes or bugs. Do not believe me? Try not to laugh at this video of a Miami police officer of the funniest fake snake pranks.

It is especially tough if your fellow officers are pranksters.
A Miami Beach police deputy terrified the living daylights out of fellow police recently with the help of a bogus snake, a video shared to Facebook by Miami Beach Police Department on Sunday 15 September, shows one of its officers play the funny reptile-themed prank on his partner.

The video clip shows an officer sitting in a parked patrol car, probably looking at his wireless phone. The camera is positioned so the approaching officer, with his snake, is visible in a vehicle's side mirror.

The officer walks up to the open window of the unsuspecting victim, who promptly (and hilariously) screams as the fake snake is dropped into his vehicle.

The officer screams at the sight of the snake, but quickly realizes it was fake and begins to laugh. Thankfully for everyone involved, the officer has a good sense of humor.

Pranks can be pretty funny as long as you are not the one getting pranked! Luckily you would not have to worry about that when you watch this epic prank video. All you need to do is sit back and laugh! if someone you know is a prankster, do not let them get ideas from this video!

There is nothing like a great prank. Except, of course, other equally-great pranks. There is just something absolutely pleasant when you succeed in leading an inexperienced target down a path to embarrassment. Know what makes it even better? Catching it on camera…

Everybody tends to get away from the snake but this prank is incredible. For the heart-disease people, it is not the thing for joking, they may get worse.

One reason that snakes are so dangerous is that many species have venom that often kills in a matter of minutes... that why people seem to become an athlete when they see the snake, they run so fast away from the snake that they thought it followed them before.

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