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Dad Is All About Making Mondays Better At The Bus Stop

Starting a five-day workweek after a relaxing weekend can give us all a matter of the Monday blues. Starting the week on a certain note can be very difficult for kids since sometimes it feels like the work never truly stop.

It’s easy to go into Monday with an inactive attitude but kids can’t manage to do that. The energy and mood that kids bring into their classrooms and schools have a direct influence on the way their students will act and feel. At top of that, kids also struggle with their own stresses on Monday morning. The activity from weekend fun, worry about homework, and laziness from an early wake up are just a few of many parts that can impact the way our students communicate in the classroom at the start of a school week.
Starting the week with a positive outlook can certainly be a test. How can kids and teachers and parents help our children stay upbeat about the week ahead? Impulse is a mindset. The more positive energy teachers can take into the classroom on Monday morning, the more passionate, focused, and energized kids will feel. By continuing, changing, or improving our Monday routines, we can help make going back to school something to look forward to.

Making Mondays Better at the Bus Stop in this curious video we witness a woman and man dressed in a different outfit waiting for a school bus. Of course, the last thing you expect to see when you get off the school bus is a family of funny man waiting for you, however this people were up for a big surprise when her entire family, aside from one person holding the camera, dressed up in beautiful costumes and waited to greet the school bus arrived on the bus stop. How cool is that?!

Taking off the school bus gives a liberating feeling to every child because there’s nothing better than the freedom of the sidewalk beneath your sneakers. The only thing that could make getting off the school bus feel even better would be if there were something terribly amazing waiting for you right outside. This people overjoyed with excitement and starts running towards the camera, making this a game of chase. This stupid family prank will put a smile on your face and give you vast ideas for how to surprise your kids. For one lucky little girl, that’s exactly what happened. What would you have done if you were to witness such a curious encounter in the public? Share your comments in the section below!

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