Swimmer Photo Bombs Beautiful Encounter With Whale Shark

Published June 19, 2019 3,272 Views $2.03 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeThey are one of the most beautiful and majestic creatures on the planet, reaching a length of 55 feet and an incredible weight of almost 100,000lbs. (18m, 45,000kg). Scuba divers and snorkelers travel from all over the world to swim with these magnificent animals. A close encounter with such a giant was an unforgettable experience.

These two Canadians have journeyed to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and then they took a private charter to an area in the open ocean off the island of Isla Mujeres. Their goal is to take in the beauty and majesty of a few whale sharks and capture photographs and videos. They take their business seriously, and they have come equipped with several video cameras and a large dive camera.

First of all, how impressed are you by this whale shark? This video is truly mesmerizing, but it was also scary. Even though they are stunning creatures, the sad truth is that they are dangerous to humans, and there are a lot of cases where shark whales have attacked people.

Have you ever seen or heard about this type of whale? As the biggest fish in the ocean, achieving lengths of 40 feet or more, whale sharks have a gigantic menu from which to pick. Luckily for most ocean tenants—and us!— their preferred supper is microscopic fish. They scoop these little plants and creatures up, alongside any small fish that happen to be near, with their epic expanding mouths while swimming near the water's surface.

The whale shark's smoothed head sports an unpolished nose over its mouth with short barbels projecting from its nozzles. Its back and sides are dark to darker with white spots among pale vertical and level stripes, and its gut is white. Its two dorsal blades are set rearward on its body, which finishes in a large double heaved caudal fin (or tail).

The ocean is a fantastic place with such a tremendous fish and mammals that always finds a way to leave us in awe and this video is one of them!