Labrador Bathes And Drinks Water At The Same Time

Published September 13, 2019 373 Plays $40.54 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesSummer's happen to be getting more and more excruciatingly hot nowadays. We humans have found a couple clever ways of keeping cool, like staying indoors, taking shelter under a tree and of course turning on the air conditioning if things truly get unbearable. However, animals are all about that natural stuff. And by this we mean that they will always try to find whether it is a puddle or a fountain or even a bird bath in which they can soak up that extra coolness.

This fun video shows us how unpredictable our pets can be. There's not much difference between a puppy and a child, as they both think most of the day about playing and having fun with even the simplest things. Although a dog, unlike a child, has more freedom to play, as they can explore any place without many complications. Dogs love to play outdoors and do not worry about ending up bathed in mud, because although our pet is domesticated, will always have that animal instinct that runs through his veins, therefore, the fact that he rolls between strong odors or dirt could be due to reasons that correspond to their nature and makes them feel comfortable, isn't it interesting?

Let's remember that our dog is not a human, so due to this reason, he may feel uncomfortable when he is too clean or may bother some odor of his body, such as lotion or shampoo that owners usually apply when they bathe. There are smells that humans like but that does not mean that our dog likes them, since they recognize each other by a characteristic smell, in this way they can also relate to other dogs, or as is common in their species, mark territories by spreading of their smell, which is not necessarily lavender fragrance. By nature, hunting dogs usually neutralize their smell to go unnoticed by their prey, this is a good hunting technique for a canine, probably this is what the dog in the video tries to do, who acts like a crocodile on the ground, hiding in the mud, watching with his eyes of a very funny way, without even paying attention to what his owner is saying. How funny!

Here we see the perfect case of how a doggy will simply smell out the best spot to get whatever it is seeking. This puppy is just to clever as in this instance finds the bucket to be full of water and ready to fit a hot doggy. Take a look at how this Lab just knows how to enjoy life!