Funny, imaginative guy invents new crazy DIY tool

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Rumble / Funny & WeirdEver had the problem that you are renovating an apartment but you don't have the correct equipment for the job? Well this guy had this issue.

The ladder was to big to fit the space and they had no furniture you could safely stand on that would be the right height.

This ingenious son came to the rescue as always with a sense of humor and no fuss, although his parents had visions of paint all over the floor by the time he finished the task.

Two paint tins were just the perfect size and what's more they had handles on them to prevent them slipping. So, wearing this new footwear he proceeded to walk from the bedroom to the bathroom to hang a new wall cabinet in style.

Creative and zany, ludicrous and bordering genius at the same time, they had their new invention.

With electric drill in hand, this young Scot, engineered the delicate operation without damage to himself or the tiles. It seems the paint tins offer the exact height for a six foot tall man to carry out this work with ease.

Would you trust this guy to do your odd jobs??? They had no choice! He is their helper who does it his way!

Sporting matching socks (aye, that'll be right, this is Jamie we are talking about) he went about his business and the job was completed in jig time!

The funny thing about it is that, as usual, Jamie's creative side took over. When he saw the phone out, about to capture this on video he rose to the challenge and his creative button flipped and switched to on.

He adopted DIY presenter mode and acted as though he was doing an instruction guide in a broken Italian-English voice.

Given that Jamie is a musician, performing is second nature. Entertainment is paramount and that he does with humor and quick wit as always - you can rely on him for that. This is the norm for this crazy dude. Intuitive and fun, predictably unpredictable as we have come to expect! You stand in awe and disbelief at what he instantaneously produces. He is wired that way and it is a daily event in his mad, mad world.

Enjoy....this is just the first of many from this singer song writer and professional, Scottish musician who is working in Calgary, Canada...... as well as Scotland. In actual fact he has played all over the world.

No paint tins were harmed in the making of this video. And as far as the idea is concerned... they have patent it!

You are in for a treat. This guy needs to be on the TV or writing sketches for us to laugh at. This will make you smile.

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