Kid Prefers To Go Back To Sleep With Her Doggy

Published September 5, 2019 23,222 Views $70.35 earned

Rumble / Priceless MomentsWe all have those mornings when we wake up, but do not really want to get up! We would rather just turn off the alarm and roll back over to get some more sleep. Well, it seems we are not the only ones. Some kids and tots dislike getting up early in the morning just similarly as we do. The only difference is, they look much cuter when they are sleepy and grumpy! Check out this video, and you will see what I mean. Plus, it is so cute and funny that you really do not want to miss it!

This video shows an adorable girl who wants to stay in bed with her doggy. Her mom tries to wake her up and asks her if she wants to wake up and go to gymnastics class. This sweet girl looks at her mom, shakes off her head and rolls back to sleep! LOL!

Kids can become excellent friends for any pet, especially when they are just in their first months of life, since they share the same condition of not being able to express what they want with words; something that could result in them being better understood than we think, only being guided by instincts and trust in those around them.

One of the favorite scenes from one of our favorite movies is from Office Space when the main character is not in one of the best moods, and one of his annoying coworkers asks him, Awee, do you have the case of the Mondays? ' case of the Mondays,' what actually does that mean? We think we all know or can relate to the feeling of having a “case of the Mondays.” It is when you have enjoyed the weekend, maybe a little too much, and you have to start back the work week but you are not ready for it. We have all been there.

This adorable, little girl in this video definitely is not looking forward to beginning the day. Why are that beds and blankets are 100% more comfortable in the morning than at night? When we are trying to go to sleep at night, we will toss and turn for hours, unable to get in any comfortable position. Let that alarm clock go off in the morning though. The moment it does, we sleepily reach aimlessly for the phone to shut off the alarm or to hit snooze just a few times. So, who can't blame this nice little girl for reacting any other way than the way she did? We certainly can not.

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