Dog Steals Kid's Food Every Time He's About To Use His Fork

Published August 20, 2019 105,811 Views

Rumble / Priceless MomentsDo you love dogs and do you think babies and dogs are good teams? Then this video is ideal for you! Dogs are the most popular pets in the world, this means that many families have the opportunity to have a nice and loving dog as a pet, which makes many people think that dogs and babies can get along pretty well. This video clearly shows how a dog and a baby can become best friends, although both are united by the love of food, since the dog is responsible for stealing the baby's food while trying to learn how to use the fork. Survival of the fittest!

A little baby tries to learn to use the fork while in the company of his dog Weimaraner, this means that when the little baby tries to use the fork to bring the food to his mouth, but the dog acts quickly and steals the food on the fork before That the baby can eat it. The little baby tries several times to bring the food from the plate to the mouth with the help of the fork, but it is impossible to do it while your dog is present, it is as if they both love the food, but only survives the fastest of the two, since the dog always looks for the right time to steal the baby's food. It seems that this dog loves baby food!

It is proven that most dogs can get along quite well with all children or babies at home, since they are generally very funny and affectionate pets, as well as being very loyal and protective. The truth is that, in most cases, babies often become the best friend of the dogs they have as a pet inside the house, since dogs always tend to take care of them and accompany them in all their adventures and during All its growth stage. In some cases, as in this video, dogs easily trust and take advantage of any time to have fun with their owners, although there may be possible food theft. This dog is crazy or loves to eat!

Many people say that babies develop better and grow healthily when there are pets in the house, since they have the opportunity to live exciting moments in the company of their pets, especially when it comes to dogs. The little baby shown in the video is currently in the process of learning to use the fork to learn to eat alone, so your dog takes the time to accompany him during this learning process and therefore takes advantage to steal your food.

It is important that babies and children know and live with different animals and pets, as this helps them to be more proactive and intelligent children, and they will always have a friend to play with and have fun whenever they want. There are many appropriate dog breeds to accompany babies through their growth process, so it is advisable to read about them to ensure that babies grow in the best possible way and become excellent people in the future. Sometimes friendships are linked by food!

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