Stubborn Puppy Refuses To Walk Home

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesEvery canine needs to go on a trail every day or so. When you mention the word walk to your canine, chances are their head tilts, their ears perk up, and after that, they begin to go crazed until the leash is put on. This video clip might come as a surprise to you. It shows the most adorable little puppy refuses to walk home! It is so hilarious that you do not want to miss it! Check out this cute puppy that rolls in the park and growls as its owner tries to walk him, but he simply refuses to collaborate!

No matter what his owner does or how tough he tries to encourage his pup to start walking, this cute four-legged furry fellow stays lying down on his back and simply ignores his human friend. And the owner has no choice but to drag him across the ground. LOL!
This is probably the most stubborn dogs we have seen in a while! But at the same time, he is absolutely hilarious and irresistibly cute!

Our loving dogs can sometimes be quite a handful and this stubborn puppy is no exception. See all his stubbornness at its best!

The video shows the Owner wants to tuck his dog into the home, but he is determined that he wants to stay outside and not want to go home! He becomes stiff and does not move a muscle! He puts his breaks into action and refuses to walk home!

That led to this funny moment of his human friend trying to get his puppy to get up and start walking so they can continue on with their walk. After a while of attempting with the puppy, he decided to get the camera to record this priceless moment.

Our dogs are held dear to us. They become part of the family. Being their owner, we need to do our duties and do anything for them like take them out for walks and so on. Sometimes they would not cooperate, like this little guy, but you got to do what you got to do. Even if they are not cooperating, maybe you will be lucky enough to have a moment of hilarity such as this one.

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