Crazy Dogs Manage To Stay Stunningly Still

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDogs are known to be "a man's best friend". This saying has always been proven to be true since dogs have always been at the human's side since ancient times. Their loyalty does not end with them being at the side of humans, it extends to the dogs obeying the command of their human - owner. They even obey the order of their human - owner even if their life is at stake. This loyalty trait of dogs just proves that they are indeed man's best friend.

But not every human is capable of training their dogs to obey their every command. Some humans try their best to train their dogs, like giving their dogs their favorite treats, but this did not bear fruit. Their dogs still just ignore them even after their human - owner tried everything to make them obey their command.

Training a dog to obey your every command is no easy feat. One needs to have the skill and experience in order to make a dog obey. One also needs courage and the ability to connect with a dog in order to properly train a dog. Courage is needed since there are some dog breeds that have a violent nature. So, you really need to be courageous if you plan to make them obey your command.

One example of a fine dog trainer is seen in this video. The human - owner has taught beforehand his three dogs named Jackson, Cash and X to stay still on command. The dogs can be only free to go after the human - owner gives them the command to do so. So, the human - owner decided to test if his dogs will really obey his command during his regular lunch walk with his dogs. His test has been a success since, as seen at the start of this video, his three dogs were frozen like a statute. The only part that moved were their eyes who were intently waiting for their human - owner's signal. The human - owner's dogs really looked like beautiful and magnificent displays in an animal museum.

But the dogs' statue like appearance was abruptly replaced with a video of fast running dogs as soon as the human - owner gave his command. The behavior displayed by the three dogs in this video is a result of a combination of training by their human - owner and the dogs' breed. The dogs are sheepdogs, so they are bred to herd, where they'll freeze while controlling the sheep.


  • Ambot, 32 weeks ago

    Those dogs are so disciplined! Amazing!

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    I absolutely ❤️ this!

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    Those three dogs are very disciplined, incredibly trained. Thank you, for sharing.

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