Dog rescued from the streets is living her best life

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIn the following video, we can see what appears to be a white pitbull laying on someone’s lap, probably its owner. Pitbulls are knows to be ‘’ dangerous ‘’ dogs and were banned in some states or even countries because they were ‘’ aggressive’’ dogs. This pitbull looks very happy to be with its owner and is enjoying spending time with him. A lot of people are afraid of pitbulls and don’t get near them in fear of getting bitten or attacked. In this video, you can clearly see that the dog seems very calm and not aggressive at all compared to what some people may think about this race of dog. Some stereotypes are still happening and make people think that we should not get pit-bulls and they should not be in normal homes.This isn’t fair and totally wrong because there is a lot of discrimination against pit-bulls just because some of them were ‘’ aggressive’’ which resulted into a negative label on this race.

Dogs love to play, like the dog in the video, he is laying on its owner and playing with him. The person is giving his dog what appears to be a massage or belly rubs which seems to be very effective as we can see the dog getting happy. He is not complaining or trying to get away and is just enjoying his petting session. The owner is then taking the dogs forearm and letting gravity do its thing as he swings them up and down. The dogs forearms are then moving without the dog putting any energy or effort. He then takes the dog’s forearm putting them up then starts giving him rubs on his torso.

He then starts going lower and giving his dogs a big massage and a lot of belly rubs.The dogs seems to be relaxed and isn’t attacking. This proves that Pit-bulls aren’t mean or violent dogs and it is all about how the dog is raised and its owner’s personality. The dog in the video seems really happy and well taken care of. Playing with dogs helps you reduce stress for both you and your pet and is proven to be beneficial for the dog’s health. Dogs need to play and have a lot of attention and cuddle and need to be loved. It looks like the dog is happy to be filmed as he is staring right at the camera or the person filming behind it.

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