Squirrel Surprises Shopper Inside Store

Published July 31, 2019 347 Plays $0.23 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeThe following video occurred on the 25 of July 2019 in the city named Mississauga, located in Ontario, Canada. Those Informations were communicated from the licensor of the video : "My son and I were out shopping when we spotted a squirrel inside a store. The whole reason I whipped out my camera was due to the non-response of the store salesperson after I told her about the squirrel”.

This helps us understand a little bit about the situation, this lady and her son were casually shopping and they came across this little guy trying to steal some food for himself.

The lady was explaining the situation while she was recording and the squirrel was still trying to open a plastic box that contains a type of creamed bakery. The squirrel actually manages to open the box and starts taking little pieces of the bakery in his tiny hands to eat it. The lady does not agree with this type of behavior. She is shocked, then she shushes at the little animal to try to scare him away but it doesn’t work.

It even backfired on our lady because right after she tried to scare the squirrel, he jumps on her so suddenly and gets close to the camera, until it is dropped by the lady that receive a jumping squirrel on her face. Her son is really amused by the situation and can’t control his laugh. After his mother gets back to herself she tells me off by saying that it is not funny. She just got attacked by a wild squirrel and he actually scratched her cheeks. This squirrel was found in a store where the staff thought that the animal wasn’t an issue. One product was also ruined by the squirrel.

Towards the end of the video we can see that our lady heads back to the front of the store to go complain to the staff. In this type of situation it is better to stay away from such creatures because they could be sick or like in this case, aggressive. Always notify those creatures when you see them in public. The right people will be called to deal with them without hurting anyone. Last but not least, if you decide that you wanna grab a video of an animal you spotted somewhere, always take a few steps back just in case. Or else you might get scratched !