Silly Cat Always Twists Itself Over Whenever It Hears The Word Spaghetti

Published August 7, 2019 497 Plays

Rumble / Cats & KittensIn the past, cats were regarded by some cultures as a god. Ancient Egypt even worshiped the cat god, Bastet or Bast. Bastet was often depicted as half feline and half woman. This cat god was one of their highest deities. This would mean that Bastet was one of the most respected gods in Ancient Egypt. Bast was considered as mother of all queens. This means that Bast was regarded as mother of all mother or mother of all people. In short, Bast was regarded as mother of all.

Cats, which has the scientific name Felis catus, are carnivorous mammal. They are a member of the family Felidae. Members of the Felidae family are built for hunting. They have sharp canine teeth and retractable claws that help them kill their targeted prey. Members of this family also have great eyesight and great sense of hearing and smell which further enhances their chance of killing their prey. Members of this family really are built to be assassins of the wild.

The cats being a member of the family Felidae would also mean that they are related to some of the very dangerous animals to roam the earth including lions, tigers, cheetah, jaguar, puma, leopard, snow leopard, liger, lynx, jaguarundi, ocelot, and serval just to name a few. The lions, tigers, cheetah, etc. are usually referred to as big cats. So, if our cats were any bigger than their current sizes then we humans would have a problem. It is a problem since they would probably view us humans as their prey instead of the master who brings them food. In that aspect, we could consider ourselves lucky to just have cute cats in their current sizes.

We humans should rejoice that we have the domesticated form of cat in our house. If our cats were not domesticated then we would have a problem. We would be looked at as preys by our cats if they were not domesticated. We would also not be able to play with our cats if they were not domesticated. This would mean that we would not be able to see the cat in this video obey the order of his hooman - owner.

In this video you would see a three-year-old domesticated cat twist and roll over whenever its hooman - owner, named Jeremy Rand, would say the word "spaghetti". The adorable orange cat always twists and rolls over when it hears the word "spaghetti". This act of cat in twisting and rolling over has not only been recorded once. Rather, this has been recorded multiple times and the cat always twists and rolls over without fail..


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    So cute!

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