Mysterious Object Hovers Over West Hollywood's Sky

Published July 9, 2019 5,154 Views $10.44 earned

Rumble / Weird MysteriesSince the dawn of time, man has looked up at the stars and wondered if there was anyone out there. But have you ever asked yourself, what if extraterrestrials have already been here? What if they have guided and shaped past civilizations and what if they actually fathered humanity itself? Join us as we ask the question, do aliens exist? Are they visiting us, and if they are what they haven't been in contact ever with humans?

However, we see videos and proof of UFOs, flying soccers, unexplainable lights and shapes in the sky which makes us believe even more that there is life outside Earth and we are not alone in this universe. Maybe we too should join the attack of Area 51 and see if there are aliens there, what do you think?

Anyway, let's not get carried away and take a look at this video, that it might be a proof of an alien ship and unexplainable light that is not definitely from an airplane. A bright star-like object is seen in the sky moving very slowly in a northwestern direction. Notice how you can see a plane fly by in the video. UFO? Aliens? Martians? What could that might be?

Throughout the years, many countries all over the world have reported strange things that had to do with unidentified objects. Do you believe in life on other planets? This question fascinates everyone from adults and children to scientists and philosophers. Some of the most popular movies of all time have sparked our imaginations and kept us wondering about what or who else might be out there!

Some people don't believe in those in extraterrestrials, so they like to joke about those things, and a good joke doesn't hurt anyone, right? This filmer made a funny video of a real-life UFO gliding through Macedonian skies, and we guarantee you will laugh so hard to this creative video!

An apparent UFO appears to be flying over the bright skies in Macedonia, making for this bizarre and yet hilarious clip. A prank video was filmed to capture the absurdity of videos featuring shiny and glowing objects spotted in the skies all over the world by people believing and preaching they signalize visitors from another planet!

This witty filmmaker decided to make one prank video and leave viewers puzzled with his experiment! Were you disappointed when you realized that it was a different kind of UFO? So hilarious!