Close-Up Footage Of Real Life UFO Gliding Through Macedonian Skies

Published November 6, 2015 270,936 Views $1,251.93 earned

Rumble / Supernatural & ParanormalWith a universe this large it stands to reason that we are not alone, but the real reason is why would anyone want to visit Earth? Crystal clear footage of a UFO was captured over a cornfield in Macedonia. Find out about this mysterious UFO sighting caught in this clip, and decide for yourselves whether this bizarre flying object is the real deal. Check it out and let us know what you think!

An apparent unidentified flying object appears to be flying over the bright skies in Macedonia, making for this bizarre and yet hilarious clip. A prank video was filmed to capture the absurdity of videos featuring shiny and glowing objects spotted in the skies all over the world by people believing and preaching they signalize visitors from another planet!

Footage starts with the breathtaking nature in Macedonia, showing corn fields and bright blue skies. Moments later, as the viewer is anticipating to spot a real-life UFO flying over the landscape, we are puzzled to find out that it is actually just a matter of prank!

In addition, we see a yellow tube reading UFO, move from right to left in front of the camera! This is actually a genuine product in Macedonia. UFO is the name of the glue Macedonians use, and only happens to have the name of the UFO abbreviation that so many people are talking about these days!

This witty filmmaker decided to make one prank video and leave viewers puzzled with his experiment! Were you disappointed when you realized that it was a different kind of UFO the filmmaker had in mind for starring in his video, or were you laughing out loud for the hilarious consequence in the name!? Share your thoughts in the comments below!