Boy With Missing Hand Meets Pro Soccer Star Missing Her Right Hand

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Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesIt’s important for a child to find representation in the world around them and follow them in the walk of their lives. But for a kid who lives with a disability or physical challenge that can be tough enough. Luckily for little Joseph, he and his ideal share one special thing in common. The three-years-old is physically challenged and doesn’t have a left forearm and hand. He is a big soccer fan and likes Orlando Pride Soccer Team player Carson Pickett, who also doesn’t have left forearm and hand.

Joseph’s parents, Miles, and Colleen think Pickett’s arm is the reason their son likes her so much. “He sees those who are like him and I think he relates himself to them,” Miles said. He believes knowing successful people with limb challenges will make Joseph able to believe that he’s capable of anything.

That’s why Joseph’s parents thought it would be a great chance for Joseph to meet Carson in person. And his time finally came during the team’s season opener in April this year, which is also Limb Difference Awareness Month. After the Orlando Pride took on the Portland Thorns, Pickett met up with the family and introduced herself to the little Joseph. The athlete won his heart pretty quickly, pointing to her arm and said: “We both have the same arm!”

The little boy completely lit up, smiling and likely celebrating at their similarities. There will be a lot of people who will also be inspired by the soccer player. You see so many people that you like and accept them as your ideas, and they have two proper hands and two feet but to see a person just like you, is priceless”. Pickett said.

Carson Pickett is not only a soccer player but so much more than that. She’s giving one of the most important lessons to the kid, he’ll ever learn in his life: nothing in the world, especially his arm, can hold him back from achieving his aims and fulfilling his dreams.

The meeting was shared from the official Twitter account of Orlando Pride stating: “Not all heroes wear capes, some wear pride jerseys”. Watch as the two same friends play peekaboo with their arms in the video and share to spread smiles and awareness that nothing can hold you back from your dreams. Just conquer your mind and definitely, you will conquer the world.