Cute Foal Dreams Of Running As He Snoozes In The Sunshine

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsFelix is an adorable little foal, born just three weeks ago on a beautiful, sunny day near Peterborough, Ontario. He lives the good life on a farm that has everything a little horse could want. There are lush, green meadows, large paddocks, a huge barn, and lots of other animals. The farm is home to several horses, pigs, cows, and even a few dogs. Felix wanders in the paddock or the meadow with his mother, Fling, a gorgeous mare with a sweet disposition and lots of patience for her new baby. Felix nurses and plays, watching her and learning how to be a good horse.

When Felix gets tired of all the excitement of running, jumping, and grazing, he flops merely down on the grass in the sunshine and takes a nap. What goes through a foal's mind as he sleeps is a mystery, but judging by Felix's legs, he's dreaming of running and jumping while he slumbers.

Foals watch their mothers closely, and they mimic behavior, but they will not actually be able to digest grass until they are several months old Until then, they get all of their nourishment from milk, supplied by their mother. Mom will keep a close eye on their young as they grow, teaching them and protecting them from predators.
Felix, like all newborns, will be clumsy until his coordination and strength develop. A foal is born with legs that are almost full grown. They are impossibly long and uncoordinated, but this allows them to dash at an early age, a necessary survival tool in the wild.

Felix doesn’t have to worry about much of this on his farm though. It's a carefree life for Felix, and we could all follow his example and stop for a little snooze in the sun now and then.
There is something special about this foal. He is sweet and enchanting and what makes him even more cute are his big legs and his tiny body. Well, tell us honestly if this isn’t one of the most adorable videos you have ever seen? He is an innocent baby, who will grow to be a majestic horse.

Horses are such incredible creatures, and they are also well known for being beautiful and graceful creatures, and if you are not sure about that just check all the history books, and you will see for yourself. Don’t you think they are adorable?


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